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The Sun Will Rise Still (2015)

Chamber Orchestra



Program Notes

I looked east one morning and realized that no matter where I am, the sun will rise in the same exact place every day. It will fill the same exact sky with a beautiful palette of colors, and it will always give me hope. There is air to breathe and life to live!

Positive thoughts and hope drive us to do great things. The sun is literally rising right now if you think about it, and with every sunrise there can be a new beginning. The day can always be reset and no matter what happens, there is vibrant life, color, and happiness everywhere.

This piece premiered on Sunday, January 17th, 2016 in McIntosh Theatre at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I am forever grateful to have been able to conduct this piece with an ensemble of some of the brightest and kindest musicians I’ve ever known.

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The Sun Will Rise Still by JP Wogaman II - World Premiere - Small Chamber Ensemble
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Full Instrumentation

Woodwind Quintet

- Flute

- Oboe

- Clarinet in Bb

- Bassoon

- Horn in F 


- Harp

Percussion (3-5 players)

- Glockenspiel

- Vibraphone

- Marimba

- Bass Drum

- Toms (Low, Low-Medium)

- Tambourine

- Sleigh Bells

- Triangle

String Quartet

- 1st Violin

- 2nd Violin

- Viola

- Cello