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Scenic Route (2021)

Piano Quintet (w/bass) || Commissioned by the Inner Loop Chamber Players



Program Notes

When was the last time you got in your car and went for a drive? I mean, a really long drive? Just for the fun of it; counting power lines as they pass by, or mile markers, and allowing your mind to roam free. Actually, the long road doesn’t even have to apply to a literal road. How about going up and down every aisle at the grocery store, just to see what’s new? This piece is my take on the feeling of freedom from yourself. Freedom to take all the time you want, to do whatever you want and just let go of all the pain, tension, and trepidation you may be holding inside. Enjoy the Scenic Route!

Sundays At Three presents Inner Loop Chamber Players performing JP Wogaman II's "Scenic Route"
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