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Northern Lights (2020)

Version for Trumpet and Organ || Version Commissioned by Lisa Tyler, Music Director of St. Anne's Episcopal Church



Program Notes

I started drafting this piece in high school during the rehearsal breaks of my local brass ensemble, Brass of Peace. I’ve never seen an aurora in person but this group was filled with stars and I was so inspired by their playing that I just had to write something. After reading through it with Brass of Peace one time, this piece sat on my shelf for years. It wasn’t until Lisa Tyler, the music director and organist of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, asked me to come up with some material for an All Saints Day Service. This was the opportunity I had been unknowingly waiting for. I now had a reason to dust this piece off and take it to its full potential. In the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Lisa and I recorded the first movement of this work and prepared a video for the upcoming virtual service.

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Northern Lights by JP Wogaman II - Trumpet and Organ
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