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Drone Race! (2017)

Cello Trio



Program Notes

The 21st Century is giving way to the most extraordinary technological advances from medicine to travel. Even our sports, like baseball and football, are following these new trends. For instance, hyper-speed cameras are being used for instant replay to better officiate games. New sports all together have been birthed from the all-mighty internet. I am speaking of course, of Drone Racing. A drone is a small, four-propellered flying machine. The newest racing units are reaching speeds upwards of 100mph! What started out as a YouTube video is now a multi-million-dollar industry and soon-to-be televised sport. In this piece, I am attempting to tap into the fast-paced and energetic curiosity as to where this sport could end up.


This piece premiered on March 15th, 2017 in Stamps Auditorium at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and was part of the CoLab Concert Series between student composers and the studios of cello, oboe, voice, and piano.

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Drone Race! by JP Wogaman II - World Premiere - Cello Trio
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