A Journey of Growth (2016)

Woodwind Quintet, Piano



Program Notes

This piece is actually my first film score. It accompanied an animation, but unfortunately, the original artist has made the animation no longer available. The story is still powerful, and the message is still just as relevant. Two young foster children, brother and sister, go from the sadness and fear of being without parents, to the joy of finding a home with a loving family, all while doing their best to hang onto hope and onto each other. For these two young children, I can only imagine it feeling like the end of the world, and not an experience they could possibly grow from. However, this story is a true story, and it is the animator's story. And look where she ended up! A student at the University of Michigan that has since gone on to work for major companies such as Nickelodeon and even NASA. As an artist, I respect her decision to not continue sharing her animation, and I am so unbelievably grateful and humbled to have had the honor of writing the score to her story when I had the chance.

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